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Kia Ora To New Zealand
- Welcome To Paradise

Kiwis - for some they are a savory fruit for the other the name of a bird species. What has this got to do with New Zealand? Oh yes, Kiwi is also a pet name for the New Zealander. And if the inhabitants carry a nickname, then the country can also have a second name that goes back to its discoverer. The Maori call New Zealand Aotearoa and explain the use of this word with the long white cloud - that is what the translation means in Maori.

With its own Service Center in Auckland, Reuthers provides the best possible Services for visitors coming to New Zealand. Please choose from the following Guided Adventure Tours, Photo Tours, Motorcycle Tours, Self Drive Rental Car Tours and Sightseeings Tours:

New Zealand Paradise Tour

34 Days

Experience the breathtaking nature of New Zealand by traveling with Reuthers to the north and southern island. Immerse yourself in the world of the spectacular beaches, stunning fjords, huge glaciers and thrilling geysers. This impressive journey will leave you speechless, because New Zealand is a special experience.

Adventure Tour New Zealand Paradise

Photo Tour New Zealand Paradise


New Zealand Paradise Motorcycle Tour

19 Days

Our Guided motorcycle tour through New Zealand is paradise for motorcyclists at the other side of the world: You will quite intensively get to know the two large islands of New Zealand as well as Stewart Island on this motorcycle tour - from the northern tip at Cape Reinga to the beautiful landscapes on the southern island...

Motorcycle Tour New Zealand Paradise


Cape Reinga, New Zealand

18 Days

See the north and south island as well as Stewart Island. On this rental car round trip you will get to know heavenly New Zealand in detail. Your round trip begins on the north island in the largest city of the country in Auckland, City of Sails...

Rental Car Tour New Zealand Paradise


Milford Sound, New Zealand

29 Days

Sit back and relax as you tour on the other side of the world: New Zealand awaits you and will simply take your breath away with its highlights. A nature that is unparalleled, great cities radiating the charming small-town flair and the exciting culture of the Maori will enchant you. Promised.

Adventure Tour New Zealand Highlights

Photo Tour New Zealand Highlights


New Zealand Highlights Motorcycle Tour

15 Days

On this Guided motorcycle tour through New Zealand, you will visit the most beautiful highlights of the two islands and Stewart Island. Your motorcycle tour begins in the north in the metropolis of Auckland and takes you to the geysers of Rotorua and the capital of Wellington on the south island of New Zealand which is famous for its unique natural beauty.

Motorcycle Tour New Zealand Highlights


TSS Earnslaw, Queenstown, New Zealand

14 Days

On this rental car round trip through New Zealand you will become acquainted with the highlights of both islands this beautiful country has to offer. You will start your round trip in Auckland, way up in the north of the country, where you will pick up your rental car and drive along the Pacific Coast Highway to the scenically beautiful Coromandel peninsula...

Rental Car Tour New Zealand Highlights


Church of the Good Shephard, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

23 Days

There is so much to discover in New Zealand! With Reuthers you travel to the most impressive places in the country, which has already stolen many hearts. Charming and extremely relaxed cities, beautiful landscapes and an insight into the animal world of New Zealand. This and much more you will experience on your Discover Tour.

Adventure Tour New Zealand Discover

Photo Tour New Zealand Discover


Te Papa Museum, Wellington, New Zealand

North Island
7 Days

Join Reuthers to explore the stunning landscape of the north island in New Zealand. Watch kiwis and takahés on Tiritiri Matangi Island, relax on pristine beaches in Coromandel and walk in the footsteps of Captain Cook in Whitianga. But perhaps you are captivated by the magical dances of the Maori or the natural force of the geysers? This and much more you will experience on this North Island tour.

Adventure Tour New Zealand North Island

Photo Tour New Zealand North Island


Hole in the Rock, New Zealand

6 Days

Experience where once the political history of New Zealand began and immerse yourself in the past of this fascinating country during a visit to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. You can also admire the beauty Cape Reinga and the natural force of the oceans while taking a look through the "Hole in the Rock" during a boat trip. The north of New Zealand will also captivate you.

Adventure Tour New Zealand Northlands

Photo Tour New Zealand Northlands


Stewart Island, New Zealand

South Island
20 Days

Glaciers, mountains, beaches and charming towns. All this awaits you on New Zealand's beautiful southern island, which you discover comfortably. Feel the magic of this fascinating country by letting yourself be enchanted by nature and friendly people. There is a reason why New Zealand is a dream destination for many people.

Adventure Tour New Zealand South Island

Photo Tour New Zealand South Island


Mount Cook, New Zealand

16 Days

On this adventure tour you explore the fascinating southern island in New Zealand. Beside the the diverse landscapes of one of the most beautiful countries in the world, you also enjoy the charm and the infectious joy for life of the Kiwis, as the New Zealanders are called colloquially. In your free time, you will have the opportunity to discover the Franz Josef Glacier on your own.

Adventure Tour New Zealand Southern

Photo Tour New Zealand Southern


Kaikoura Whale Watching, New Zealand

7 Days

It is the breathtaking and almost incredible nature that attracts numerous tourists to New Zealand every year. Convince yourself of the charm of the country at the other side of the world and travel to places of interest such as Kaikoura, Wellington, Taupo and the Waitomo Glowworm Cave.

Adventure Tour New Zealand Nature

Photo Tour New Zealand Nature


Winery, New Zealand

5 Days

You love the coast and you want more of nature that shows itself in its full splendor? Then your spectacular journey through New Zealand along the coast of the southern island will simply leave you speechless. From Christchurch through Akaroa, Kaikoura and Blenheim to Wellington.

Adventure Tour New Zealand Coastal

Photo Tour New Zealand Coastal


Waterfall, New Zealand

3 Days

You experience New Zealand in a comfortable way. On the one hand, you convince yourselves of the casual lifestyle of the locals in Auckland and Wellington. On the other hand, you enjoy the fascinating range of New Zealand's breathtaking nature in the Tongarino National Park and the Waitomo Glowworm Cave.

Adventure Tour New Zealand Northern

Photo Tour New Zealand Northern


Auckland, New Zealand

1 Day

Sightseeings Tour visiting One Tree Hill, Mount Eden, Kelly Tarlton's Underwater / Antarctic World, crossing Harbour Bridge and enjoying the historic Victorian town of Devonport with it's North Head, amazing Cheltenham Beach and amazing view to the Rangitoto Vulcano Island.

Adventure Tour New Zealand Auckland Best Of


Waitomo Glowworms, New Zealand

1 Day

Discover the amazing world famous Waitomo Caves and learn more about Glowworms and their survival in the dark. Join a very special cave expedition away from mass tourism.

Adventure Tour New Zealand Waitomo Caves


Hobbiton, New Zealand

1 Day

Learn more about the original location Hobbiton, which was built for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films. An interesting and entertaining insight into the famous movie scenes and into the farm life on the spot. You will see Hobbiton caves...

Adventure Tour New Zealand Hobbiton


Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

2 Days

We travel along the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula, staying overnight in Whitianga and visiting Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach on the next morning, before heading back to Auckland.

Adventure Tour New Zealand Coromandel


Tamaki Village, Rotorua, New Zealand

3 Days

On our way to Rotorua, we visit the Coromandel Peninsula and have an overnight stay in Whitianga. In the morning we are travelling to Cathedral Cove and the Hot Water Beach. In the evening you experience the capital of the Maori...

Adventure Tour New Zealand Rotorua


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